Feeling isolated


Alexander often feels isolated having to stay inside his apartment when his friends are out enjoying the summer.

Name: Alexander
Age: 27
Occupation: Shop assistant

Everyone welcomes the summer - however I know what this time of year does to me. I’ve been a hay fever sufferer since I was 14 years old, and summer is just a string of horrible days with itching eyes, constantly running nose and that annoying sneezing.

Ever since I was little, one of my favourite summer activities was to play football in the park with all my friends. But when my allergies developed, it certainly put a stop to that – trying to play was practically impossible. I felt constantly miserably and out of breath!

The boys still meet up, but I haven’t been out playing in the park since I was 15. We still hang out and play indoor football during the winter, but I can’t help feeling that I put my social life on hold during the summer. I often feel isolated having to stay in my apartment on a lovely summer day – the world is right outside my doorstep but I can’t be a part of it and it’s making me feel quite depressed.

How do i live with allergy?

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