Children with allergies


Karen is worried about her daughter’s allergy, and how it will affect her social life and school work.


Important facts

  • Allergies are the most frequent chronic diseases in children and young adults
  • Allergies run in families, but most new cases appear in people without a previous family history of allergy

Name: Karen
Age: 42
Occupation: Teacher

My nine-year-old daughter suffers from hay fever and has to cope with runny, stuffy and itchy nose, sneezing, and irritated eyes. I’m worried about her allergy triggering asthma. I know that avoiding anything that irritates the airways and brings on symptoms is very important, but in everyday life this can be extremely difficult. We constantly have to check the pollen forecast and plan accordingly.

I feel sad that my daughter can’t go out to play in the park like any other girls her age. I can tell that she feels different from her friends and that it bothers her. This is a large burden for a little girl and a big worry for me. Also I’m concerned that she doesn’t sleep well at night as her allergy affects her breathing, so she gets sleepy during the day. Although she’s still young, I’m beginning to worry about how this will affect her school work.

Having a child with allergies can really take a toll on family life. Doctor’s visits, picking up prescriptions and informing my daughter about treatment all take time, and I can never really relax and be at ease, because I’m always worrying about the next flare-up.

How do i live with allergy?

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