Preparing for exams


Anna dreads the time of year when she is preparing for her annual exams. This stressful time is even more challenging thanks to a runnny nose and itchy eyes.

Name: Anna
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

I always dread that time of year when my allergies are at their worst and I have to prepare for my annual exams. This stressful time is made even more challenging thanks to not being able to sleep, constant sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes.

I have a really hard time concentrating when I’m studying due to headaches and the need to constantly blow my nose and wipe my eyes.

When I sit my exams I will try to keep my sniffing and nose-blowing as quiet as possible, but even so the noise will sound horribly loud in the silent exam hall, making me feel very self-conscious.

When my exams are finally done, I’m completely exhausted and I don’t feel up for much end-of-term celebration with my friends. I also feel embarrassed and uncomfortable going out because my nose and eyes are always red.

How do i live with allergy?

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